Sport Schober GmbH

Sport Schober

Like a boulder with a crystal inclusion in the mountain - that was the design idea for the Sport Schober sports shop. The challenge was to create a high-quality sports shop with service facilities for ski and on-board equipment in a small area on an extreme hillside, hidden behind the cable car building. The spatial program required a deep intervention into the slope in order to hide most of the building mass. The area oriented towards the customer was equipped with large glazed facades in order to comply with the design concept and also to serve as exhibition and advertising space.


Bad Gastein






Sport Schober GmbH

The "crystalline body" is framed by a massive concrete slab facade that follows the shape of the building. The multiple interlocking edges of the building and roof posed a particular challenge in planning and execution. Inside the building, the sales and rental area is logically arranged. The service and storage rooms as well as the lounges are located on the upper floor in order to generate as much retail space as possible on the ground floor.

The heating system is operated using internal air heat pumps, which are located in shafts in the building. The green roof allows the building to appear minimal, while its diversity and presence in contemporary architecture appeals to the customer.