Villa Orania

Villa Orania

The slogan "When faith dwells in the house, love adorns it with flowers, hope will live in it, and all three will always surround it", placed at the entrance to Villa Orania, served as a leitmotif for the revitalization of the building. The existing building was carefully gutted and the high-quality components exposed.


Bad Gastein






Janus Hotelbetriebsgesellschaft mbH

The building, half of which is made of wood, exudes a special flair both inside and out. Guests immediately feel safe and at home here, although the building has a long history. There is no need to do without any comfort, as the hotel is equipped with the latest technology and all amenities.

With loving attention to detail, the woodwork has been exposed and highlighted with a high-contrast black and white paint finish to emphasize the intricate carvings and give the building a unique expression.