das Gxund

Das Gxund

We have been able to implement and realize planning orders for the Kurparkhotel for years. In the meantime, this hotel has grown into a leading company in Bad Hofgastein. In the last construction phase, a new part with apartments on the top floor was planned in place of the dilapidated Villa Verde. A bank branch and the in-house cafe / restaurant "unGXUND" were also realized on the ground floor. A re-branding of the hotel appearance was a further step, whereby the Kurparkhotel became GXUND.

The planning challenge was in a wide variety of areas. On the one hand, the connection of the 2 existing adjoining underground car parks, the cramped construction site and the merging of the most diverse functional areas and flows of people and escape routes. The coordination of the extensive spatial concept with the authorities and the community required an additional period of time, which, however, also allowed new paths to be taken in terms of appearance and design.


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Kurparkhotel GmbH & Co Kg

The ground floor area was completely dissolved in glass and again set back by 3m to the upper building front in order to continue the street space and the Tauernplatz as generously as possible. The terrace in front and the entrance to the bank were made accessible by means of steps and ramps. Thus, the requirement of the increased level of protection could be met. In addition, parking spaces for the bank and an e-charging station, parking spaces for bicycles and underground car park ventilation were implemented in the connection area.

The curved shape of the building results from the shape of the property, the formation of the balconies and the French balconies follows the maximum utilization of the legal requirements regarding structural usability. The many initially critical voices were won over by the execution, design and the short construction time of 9 months. The building upgrades the Tauernplatz enormously and creates a new identity for this area.