The Berghotel Hauserbauer is located at 1080 m above sea level with a unique view over the Gastein Valley. Secluded from the hustle and bustle, you quickly forget everyday life here and come to rest. In order to be able to run the business in a future-proof manner, the Hauserbauer family decided to expand the offer and invest in additional suites.








Landhotel Hauserbauer GmbH

The existing building and the limited construction area led to an extension on the mountain side, which was also reflected in the name - "the Bergseit'n". In order to be able to reach the new building, a covered wooden bridge was designed, from which the wellness and pool area can be accessed directly from the main building. Spacious sauna and relaxation areas, as well as a fitness room are situated on the mountain side of the pool. The infinity pool can be reached via an indoor swimming pool, a special convenience on cold winter days. All rooms of the Bergseit'n have an overwhelming view of the valley and are cozy and comfotably furnished.

In order not to set a counterpoint to the existing building, the building mass was deliberately planned to be small with the typical gabled roof shape. Both proportion, size and orientation are based on the surrounding buildings. The aim was to integrate the extension as integratively as possible into the structure.