At the foot of the Graukogel is the Badgastein cemetery, which is characterized by the listed neo-Gothic cemetery chapel. In the course of the general renovation, an extension was built, which includes a prayer room for over 50 people.

Our solution envisages a part of the building that symbolically represents a brotherly embrace: the prayer room encloses the west side and at the same time forms the entrance portal to the cemetery, creating a striking ensemble that skilfully combines old and new. A strip of glass lying between the building parts creates a visual separation.


Bad Gastein






Gemeinde Bad Gastein

The west side of the neo-Gothic chapel was opened in order to be able to lay the deceased out in the dignified setting of the listed chapel. The room is surmounted by an ancient crucifix and a glass pediment that fills it and the chapel with light. At night, the illuminated prayer room emits a warm light and illuminates the cemetery chapel.

A stained glass window designed by local artist Josef Wutscher leads visitors into the courtyard of the chapel. Although the building has a larger footprint than the chapel, through its lower height as a whole takes a backseat.